Eco Friendly Products

Eco-friendly sounds so politically correct. Eco-friendly actually is very politically correct.  Eco-friendly is so much more than that though. Eco-friendly, or being “green”, does help the  environment, and does save energy, both of which are globally important. And realistically  we all want to contribute to the conservation of natural resources, and help the environment,  but we also want to see that being green will actually benefit us, here and now.

Rolashades has taken measures to provide you with the tools, in the way of energy saving  window shades and window blinds, to allow you to not only help with environmental  resource conservation, but to also help you save on the rising costs of energy for your home.

Rolashades blinds conserve natural resources by offering eco-friendly products. Primarily, we  use the FABRIC which is Greenguard and Oeko-Tex certified, thus helping the building to enhance LEED rating.

Energy efficiency optimization can be achieved by installing GREENGUARD fabrics which saves money on heating and cooling costs significantly!