ATC & Marine Shades

Providing ATC Controllers optimum clear view while looking through the transparent shades is a priority RolaShades set for all airport and marine shades. Visual light signals are easily recognized and that the red, yellow and green signal markers are never distorted, even at a greater distance for both Air and Sea controls. Experiences from many Installed ATCs are RolaShades System Designs for the latest ATC Towers.

ATC Shades for Airport Tower and Marine Tower

  • Ensuring eye comfort without Sunglasses for clarity signals on Radar screen.
  • Perfect view, Reduction of Direct sunlight glare for visual contact with air ground traffic
  • Remarkable solar heat reduction to room
  • Solar Film material meet USA FAA standard

Cruise and Naval Ships

  • Innovative Stainless Steel 316 with Corrosion Resistant Aluminum systems provided by RolaShades have been installed in numerous Ocean, Cruise and Naval Ships worldwide.
  • Customized to fit all odd window shades
  • Specialist manufacturer for naval vessel
  • Available in manual and motorised roller
  • Blackout shade for luxury yacht cabins